The Great Cable Debacle

Ok, so what's the deal with Fox not being broadcast on Cablevision? This is the second time (that I'm aware of, anyway) that Cablevision has essentially held us hostage through our viewing habits. Fox 5 and My9 are asking for more money? So give it to them! You have more money than God - funneled directly out of our ever shrinking pockets mind you - and that money sure as hell ain't paying for better service on our end.

But that of course is coming from the biased point of view of a disgruntled Cablevision customer. Who's really to blame here? Is it Fox's greed? Maybe the two involved parties are in kahootz and just putting on an elaborate show. I mean, check out these attack adds they're putting out, the likes of usually reserved for political campaigns:

Verizon Approves This Message

Courtesy nj.com:
The two companies received chastising letters Friday from the Federal Communications Commission, which asked each to show evidence they are negotiating in "good faith" and making efforts to reach a deal over the fee dispute — or that the other side is not.

At issue is Fox’s demand that Cablevision pay a $150 million fee — more than twice what the cable company had been paying — to air Fox programming.
FCC officials told the companies to conclude their negotiations promptly for the sake of "millions of innocent customers." 

Uh huh. Riiight. One thing AngryGrrl learned long ago is that the media reports what the media thinks we should or shouldn't be privy to. These phony battles ain't fooling me. The Almighty Dollar has reared its ugly head yet again, and we get left with the static. So what can we do? Probably nothing. But maybe we can be heard. Check out this protest movement started by a friend of mine. It's easy to join and it may very well make an impact. At the very least, you won't have to watch those goddamn annoying commercials.

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